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PostHeaderIcon Lion King Musical Review at the Detroit Opera House – Big Hit

Lion King Musical currently Stops in Detroit MI for almost 4-week run from February 13 to March 10, 2013. Lion King will be performing at Detroit Opera House through March 10, 2013. Lion King musical play at the Detroit Opera House reviewed by Gloria Rzucidlo – Here is the review:

Broadway’s award-winning best musical, The Lion King, is back in the Motor City at the Detroit Opera House. It is one of the most popular touring productions currently on the road. went on Feb.15, 2013 and the place was packed. Not a single seat was empty. Adults and kids alike sat impatiently waiting for the show to start.

The curtain rose and the sun was rising on the savanna. The giraffes, elephants and hyenas came running down the aisles of the theatre to the stage. High atop Pride Rock, Mufasa, the Lion King, (played by Dionne Randolph) and Sarabi, the Queen (played by Tryphena Wade) introduced their newborn son Simba to all the animals. Scar, Mufasa’s resentful brother, (played by Timothy Carter) is jealous that Simba will be the future king. He wants that title for himself.

Time goes on and Simba grows into a cocky young cub, getting into trouble. His father tells him “Everything lives in delicate balance called the Circle of Life, you must respect all creatures.”

Scar plots a plan to kill Simba and Mufasa so that he can rule the kingdom. He creates a stampede, where the wild beasts rush to the stage and Simba grabs onto a tree branch for safety. Simba is convinced he killed his father and he leaves the Pridelands and heads for the jungle and makes new friends. Simba meets Nola and realizes their romantic feelings. The song “Can you feel the love tonight” is sung.

The play/musical portrays a lot of African tradition. The costumes and masks are very unique and creative. Human beings wear animal attire and are puppets which are controlled by themselves. The puppeteers operate the hands with a rod and some are operated by more than one person. One handles the arms, and the other manipulates the legs. They are human animals. There is a human face behind the mask to reveal facial expression so you can clearly see their expression or attitude. The masks are worn over the head instead of over the face.

The sets and lighting are exceptional. Pride Rock creates happiness and full of life and the Elephant graveyard represents death and danger. There were countless set changes which make this musical so interesting.

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