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Remember the naughty little Simba and his friends Timon and Pumbaa? Well, well, who can forget them! They have managed to steal the hearts of kids as well as adults by their mischievous ways.

The “Lion King” is here once again! This typical Disney film, depicting the tale of strong bonds between friends and family, has many awards to its credit, including six Tony Awards. This adorable story of a lion cub was released first in 1977 in Minneapolis. After tasting a huge success at the box office, it shifted to Broadway in a few months time. For the last ten years, “Lion King” has been running successfully in the world of Broadway! At present, it’s being shown at Minskoff Theater.

The story of “Lion King” is based in Africa. It’s all about Simba, a cute and extremely mischievous lion cub, who is the successor of the king’s throne after his father, King Mufasa. Simba has a best friend Nala, who is equally mischievous.

“Lion King” is a unique Broadway production. The major attraction is the clever usage of animal masks by the actors on the stage. Besides this, the show makers have used African masks as well as puppets to create a visual masterpiece, as acclaimed by some critics. “Lion King” has famous numbers like “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”,
“I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”, and the evergreen “Hakuna Matata”.

As you watch the show, you can actually feel emotions erupt within you as the story slowly unfolds. You feel hatred towards Scar when he conspires against Mufasa; you feel sympathy with Simba when he leaves his kingdom; you feel joy and happiness when Simba makes new friends; and you feel enthusiastic and eager to see action when he goes back to get his kingdom. Truly a touching story!

No wonder it is running house full! Don’t expect to get tickets on the spot. Book in advance. Look here for Lion King tickets for weekends and Sundays as well with discounted price. You might have a better luck there. Happy viewing Lion King Broadway!


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