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PostHeaderIcon The Lion King Las Vegas Production Ends Dec. 30 – Catch Creative Costumes

Lion King Las Vegas will play its final show Dec. 30. Don’t miss the chance to see the Catch Creative Costumes of Lion King. Mandalay Bay’s production of The Lion King is virtually identical to the other companies seen around the globe and is staged with all of the same spectacular music, sets and costumes that have made it a worldwide phenomenon.

The Lion King opened in May 2009 and Within nine weeks of its Las Vegas debut, Lion King broke the Mandalay Bay box office record and continued to break its own record four more times within two years.

Still time to catch as there are 15 more performances remain between Sunday and December 30, before the final performance on Friday December 30, 7:30PM. The rhythmic African elements of the story shine through more than they did in the animated movie, making this “King” a musical where youngsters provide a cover story for adults to see it again.

The final performance of the Lion King Las Vegas production at Mandalay Bay is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 30. Buy Lion King Las Vegas NV Tickets Online. Avail $10 OFF on Lion King Mandalay Bay Theatre Ticket orders over $350 Use Code AFF$10.


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  • The Lion King Tickets says:

    This show is still the greatest musical imho. There’s been other great theatre shows, but this to me is the epitome of musical theatre show. The show as well as the movie remains my favourite classic.

  • Diane says:

    Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

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