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PostHeaderIcon The Lion King Chicago Review

After five years, the Lion King returns to Chicago for only 7 weeks at the Cadillac Palace Theater. One of the biggest musical hits of the last 15 years, the Lion King has now played across the globe, and has only gotten better. Julie Taymor directs a powerful visual story of the African Pridelands and the Circle of Life. The story of the little Lion King Simba, and the journey his life takes after the death of his father King Mufasa and the actions of his treacherous Uncle Scar.

The performances are spectacular, with standouts Rafiki played by Brenda Mhlongo, and Nala played by Syndee Winters. Winters’ vocal range and pitch resonate perfectly in the Cadillac Palace. Another standout that seems to have grown in the last five years are the vocal and dance ensembles. There is much more depth in all of these performances than the last run here in Chicago.

As always the costuming, puppets, masks, makeup, and set are what is the most magical about this show. Such a genius adaptaion of an animal’s story, through human actors without obvious costuming, or tricks. The humanness remains enough to connect with what you’re seeing and feeling on stage. Not to mention the brilliant music of Elton John and Tim Rice is also made magical in this production.

Entertaining for people of all ages it’s great that this production has come back to Chicago. Definitely a must see before it leaves on November 27th. From here Lion King moves to Chrysler Hall, Norfolk VA.

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