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PostHeaderIcon The Lion King Musical Return to Montreal – August 19 to September 07, 2014

The Lion King Musical returned to Montreal QC Canada for extended engagement from August 19 to September 07, 2014. Montreal does not get a lot of Broadway musicals, especially those which stay more than a week. Three years ago Disney’s The Lion King came here for a month and sold out every performance at the Place des Arts.

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“It’s a tall pole puppet in the I Just Can’t Wait to be King number,” explained Kendra Moore, an Edmonton-born member of the touring cast from 2003-2008 who now acts as tour dance captain, teaching various roles to newcomers and filling in for dancers who are indisposed. “I remember the first time I did it. I couldn’t believe that the girls were doing it and not the men. The pole fits into a pole belt. The pole is quite heavy and you have to bend with it to balance it correctly. You can hurt your back if you don’t hold it properly. Some dancers have dropped it. One time, my pole belt broke, which has happened to others, too.”

Moore’s favourite role among the 11 Lion King roles that she teaches and can perform is the Cheetah.

“The Cheetah stands out on stage in the opening number,” she said in an interview from Washington, D.C. “It’s such a beautiful puppet. It’s fun to do, too. When I get into that puppet, I think about what a cheetah looks like and how it feels to move like a cheetah. I really try to become a cheetah!”

It’s unlikely that Moore was thinking in cheetah terms as a member of Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal for three years in the 1990s when the company was led by Yvan Michaud. For an Alberta-born and trained dancer in her 20s, the tours with Les Ballets Jazz were memorable experiences.

“The company was small, only 12 dancers. We could fit in all kinds of theatres. I got to go to places — like China — I never would have imagined.”

The Lion King musical in Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier of Place des Arts from August 19 to September 07, 2014. Hurry up to book the best Lion King Montreal QC Canada Tickets.


PostHeaderIcon The Lion King Roars at Place des Arts – Still Dazzles

The Lion King has arrived in Montreal finally. Actually, it has been in preview mode since Tuesday night. But August 09, 2011 night it’s the much anticipated grand opening. Lion King at Montreal, QC Canada will play through September 04, 2011.

The Lion King Roars at Place des Arts

The Lion King Roars at Place des Arts

The arrival of The Lion King, for an unusual month-long run, may usher in a whole new era of musical theatre for the venue, recently abandoned by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. 

The Lion King is one of those rare modern musicals that include widely popular songs. The combined musical talents of Elton John, Tim Rice and Lebo M, not to mention Jay Rifkin, Hans Zimmer and Taymor (musical credits for this show are complicated) add up to thrilling and memorable numbers (Hakuna Matata, Circle of Life). 

Also, this is one of the greatest puppet shows of all time, utilizing various styles and sizes, all in the service of a heartwarming story about a young lion cub named Simba. 

With this new availability, award-winning hits like The Lion King, directed by Julie Taymor, could arrive in Montreal less than a decade after their Broadway triumphs (The Lion King premiered on Broadway in 1997.) And perhaps they will get in the habit of staying longer than the standard six days. 

Compared to the Canadian production, which played the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto in 2000, the North American tour of The Lion King that opened Thursday night at Place des Arts is scaled-down to travel and cramped to fit a slightly narrowed stage. This hampers some of the dance numbers, particularly those involving tent-like costumes. 

Otherwise, the spectacle remains dazzling. The voices of the ensemble, as well as those of principal performers like Buyi Zama as the priestess Rafiki, send shivers down your spine. 

The Lion King means experiencing admiration for the genius of director Taymor, who has since had a rocky ride with Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. (It’s so much better to have Disney behind you than Bono.) Her ingenious segues make for a cinematically smooth, delicately balanced show that ravishes the eye with colourful costumes while it beguiles the ear. Richard Hudson’s set design plays with perspective, trusting the sky as backdrop. The greatest novelties, of course, are the more than 200 animal puppets (heckling hyenas, a slinking cheetah, leaping gazelles) with their complicated mechanisms, which require highly skilled manipulation. 

The child performers playing Young Simba and Young Nala are another wonder. These are not walk-on roles. 

Comic-relief characters like the yappy bird Zazu (Mark David Kaplan), and the sidekick duo of the smart-ass meerkat, Timon (played by Nick Cordileone) and Pumbaa (a flippant warthog, played by Ben Lipitz) offer a dash of vaudeville to this Hamlet-like tale of a princely young lion determined to avenge the death of his father (Dionne Randolph, as Mufasa). 

Jelani Remy is a magnificent adult Simba who pairs beautifully with Syndee Winters, as Nala, for Can You Feel the Love Tonight. 

The necessary element of absolute villainy is provided by J. Anthony Crane as wicked uncle Scar, who actually uses the phrase “Aye, there’s the rub,” underlining the Shakespearean influence. 

French surtitles mounted on either side of the stage appear sporadically, at odd moments. There’s a sly reference to the song Alouette, which works, and a switch to French for The Circle of Life reprise, which doesn’t. 

The fact that The Lion King adds an element of African ancestor worship to (rather British) principles of monarchy and male progenitor dominance within a cartoon-spawned American classic can easily be ignored, or discussed by adults after the show. Children of all ages and both genders will simply enjoy this coming-of-age story for what it is – if you don’t keep them up too long after their normal bedtime. 

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Show Time:
With intermission, the show lasts two and a half hours, so parents of small children should opt for matinees. 

The Lion King continues performances at Place des Arts until September 4. Hurry up to book the best Lion King Montreal Quebec Canada Tickets. Save $10 off on purchase of Lion King Place Des Arts Tickets for $350 or more by using the promo code AFF$10.


PostHeaderIcon The Lion King arrives at Place des Arts August 09, 2011

On the last Canadian stop of its latest North American tour, one of America’s most successful and longest-running musicals – The Lion King, adapted from the Disney animated movie of 1994 – makes its debut here Tuesday, August 09, 2011 for a four-week run at Salle Wilfrid Pelletier of Place des Arts.

Though slightly smaller than the 2000-2004 production seen by 2.9 million people over 1,560 performances at Toronto’s Princess of Wales Theatre, the touring musical is huge. In all, 110 people are involved: a cast of 48 (actors, dancers, singers and puppeteers), plus musicians, sound technicians, carpenters, electricians, wardrobe staff and more.

It’s the seventh-longest-running musical in Broadway history and one of only five Broadway and West End productions to play for 10 years or more. It’s won more than 70 theatrical awards around the globe, including six Tonys in 1998 (including best musical, as well as best direction, costumes, lighting, scenic design and choreography). And the original-cast recording snagged a Grammy in 1999 as best musical-show album.

Since its first staging in 1997, The Lion King has gone global. Translated into seven languages, it’s been seen by more than 54 million people in 14 countries on five continents and grossed more than $765 million. Besides the North American tour, it’s now being staged in six productions worldwide: on Broadway, in Las Vegas, in London’s West End, in Hamburg, Tokyo and Singapore. Starting in October, it will be seen in Madrid.

“Montrealers will love the show – it’s full of life,” said violinist Woonkuo Soon, who’s been the touring production’s concertmaster for the last five years. Originally from Singapore, the 42-year-old also plays in the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and lives part time in Montreal.

The Montreal cast of The Lion King includes Jelani Remy as Simba; Syndee Winters as Nala, his best friend and love interest; Nick Cordileone as Timon the meerkat and Ben Lipitz as his sidekick, Pumbaa the warthog; J. Anthony Crane as Scar; Dionne Randolph as King Mufasa; Buyi Zama as the wise baboon Rafiki; and Mark David Kaplan as Zazu the hornbill.

The Lion King runs through Tuesday to September 04 at Salle Wilfrid Pelletier of Place des Arts. Hurry up to book the best Lion King Place Des Arts Tickets. Save $10 off on purchase of Lion King Montreal Quebec Canada Tickets for $350 or more by using the promo code AFF$10.


PostHeaderIcon The Lion King Comes To Place Des Arts, Montreal August 2011

Disney’s The Lion King visiting Montreal next summer, it will be settling into Salle Wilfrid Pelletier of Place des Arts beginning Tuesday, August 9, with performances playing through Sunday, September 4, 2011. Opening night is set for Thursday, August 11. That’s about three weeks longer than the norm for musicals at Salle Wilfrid Pelletier, which has a whopping 2990 seats to fill.

The Lion King has played recent record-breaking Canadian engagements, including a four-week British Columbia premiere in Vancouver in August 2010. The production set a new record for the single highest box office gross in Canadian theatrical history. The final week of the engagement grossed more than $1.9 million Canadian, which is more than any previous Canadian stage production has grossed in a single week. The engagement entertained more than 82,000 patrons and generated over $7.5 million Canadian at the box office during the entire run.

The on-sale date for tickets will be announced at a later date. Buy Lion King Montreal, QC Canada Online when they are available in few months.

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