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Disney presents “The Lion King” performing from Sept. 29 through Nov. 27 at Chicago’s Cadillac Palace Theatre.
Dionne Randolph has played Mufasa, Simba's kind and courageous father, for seven years in the production of "The Lion King."
Julie Taymor, the director, has infused the production with her vision “The Lion King” is a heart-felt, rhythm-based, visually stunning story of a lion cub’s quest to survive loss and take hold of his courage.

Dionne Randolph enjoys gorgeous sunsets, graceful gazelles, and breathtaking musical rhythms every night he performs in “The Lion King.” After seven years, Randolph still feels energized portraying Mufasa, Simba’s kind and courageous father. Simba’s survival relies heavily upon the lessons his father taught him.

“My character is the most regal character I have ever played,” said the 37-year-old actor, who lives in Orlando, Fla. “As a young man out in the world, I am rarely regal. I don’t go into the Wal-Mart and say, ‘I am regal.’ That’s the beauty of being an actor; you get to be someone else.”

In “The Lion King,” Randolph emulates a proud lion warrior. During the show, he pounces, leaps, and walks low to the ground. He works out in a gym to stay fit, and he wears a corset to elongate his body. The choreography is Balinese because these graceful movements most closely resemble a lion’s.

In his performance, Randolph strives to find Mufasa’s human qualities. “I always say I base a lot of Mufasa on my dad,” Randolph said. “Every time an actor plays a character, there has to be a reference point. My father is a very quiet guy, but when he speaks, he always has something to say. The first thing you learn — in this role — is to be a father first.”

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