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PostHeaderIcon Lion King Behing The Scenes Video – Talk with Costumes Supervisor

Behind the curtain, Gregory Young supervises hundreds of costumes.

“Each actor has a number, and each costume has a letter so this would be the first costume that she’ll be wearing in the show.”

There are 250 costumes on stage every performance. There are 350 costumes in total. Each one is creative and unique down to the last detail.

“This one is one of my favorites when Simba and Nala reunite. It’s very green, and all of a sudden you have a burst of color, and it opens up like this.”

Most theaters are square in shape as is “The Lion King” production. So Century II’s circle was cause for planning way ahead of show time.

“The men are on the other side of what we call the crossover so they’re on stage left and we’re on stage right. We only have the women on this side so normally this would be double the length that it is now,” said Young.

Every three cast members have a person who helps them in and out of costumes all performance long.

“We are one step ahead, a scene ahead of each performer. So when they go away, they start setting the costume for the next scene.”

Lion King is currently performing at Century II Convention Center through Sunday September 30, 2012. Buy Lion King Wichita KS Tickets Online at discounted prices, Get $10 OFF on Orders of $350 or more by using code AFF$10.


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