Lion King currently playing on tour in Durham, NC (till June 09) and moves to Columbus, OH (from June 12)

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PostHeaderIcon The Lion King currently performing in Washington D.C. With Hometown Talent

Broadway’s The Lion King is presently running in Washington D.C. It’s been nearly ten years since “The Lion King” was in the D.C. region, and new and returning audience members are looking forward to a thrilling theatrical experience. This Tony Award-winning musical is recognized for its vibrant scenery and enormous animal motifs. Elton John composed memorable music that wonderfully complements the tale, with lyrics by Tim Rice. This is the 21st year of the American national touring company for this Broadway classic.

Lion King Kennedy Center Opera House Schedule:
Tuesday – Friday 7:30 PM
Saturday – Sunday 1:30 PM, 7:30 PM

2 Hours and 30 Minutes, Including one Intermission

Experience the wonder of “The Lion King” musical at the The Kennedy Center Opera House this summer from June 21 to July 29!
Samaree Lawson, a local performer and dancer, has joined the ensemble as the Birman Soloist. This is Lawson’s first Broadway performance. During the upcoming performance at the Kennedy Center, a group of 161 family and friends will witness “The Lion King,” the majority of whom have never seen Lawson dance.

A fantastic cast enhances the good content. Although there are a number of prominent performers, including L. Steven Taylor, Stephen Carlile, and Cameron Pow, it is the ensemble as a whole that pulls the real and symbolic weight in a production like this. The performers are challenged to bring the vibrant spectacle of the performance to life on stage and take on a bewildering variety of roles throughout the tours, making it a genuinely ensemble-driven production.

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PostHeaderIcon Lion King’s Puppet supervisor, Michael Reilly Interview

Lion King musical is all set and is currently performing at Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, DC from June 17 to August 17, 2014.

Lion King Puppet supervisor - Michael Reilly

Lion King Puppet supervisor – Michael Reilly

Know all about the Lion King’s Puppet supervisor, Michael Reilly – by KRISTEN PAGE.

“I prefer puppet master. It sounds better,” says the man who manages the menagerie of puppets that make “Disney’s The Lion King” the visual spectacular that it is.

The musical, based on Disney’s 1994 animated smash, is not the largest production Reilly’s been a part of (he was the “sword and armor guy” for a production of “The Lord of the Rings” that opened in Toronto in 2006) but the touring company of “The Lion King” (at the Kennedy Center through Aug. 17) certainly keeps him busy, even without any ringwraiths.

“We have so many different kinds of puppets. We have body puppets, shadow puppets, hand puppets,” he says. “Each one is unique unto itself and each one can find a different way to break.”
Reilly and his team spend each show waiting for the puppet equivalent of 911; when the call comes over the radio, they rush in like ER docs.

“We have a tool belt of knickknacks, all kinds of collars and fittings and keys and all kinds of things,” Reilly says. “It all depends on who breaks; we generally have an idea of what broke once they tell us which puppet is broken. If a hyena breaks, often it’ll be a string; if it’s Pumbaa, it’ll be a zip tie.”

The biggest problem — literally — is often the 6-foot-tall African elephant, which requires four cast members to operate. “When she breaks, it’s pretty massive,” he says.

So far Reilly and his team have a 100 percent success rate when it comes to resurrecting their patients.
“I’m happy to say no puppet has stopped the show,” he says. “I probably shouldn’t have said that. I maybe just jinxed it.”

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