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PostHeaderIcon Lion King returns to Chrysler Hall on Nov 30, 2010 for Five Weeks

Lion King returns to Chrysler Hall on Tuesday Nov 30, 2010 and will remain for five weeks, until Jan 02 2011. A run that long would once have been considered a risk. That was before the cub-turned-king helped establish Norfolk as a major theatrical market.

In the dead of night sometime this weekend, 18 tractor-trailers will plow through the streets of Norfolk headed for Chrysler Hall. They will carry 39 hyenas, 52 wildebeests, several giraffes, gazelles, zebras, antelopes, an elephant and one particular lion.

When the curtain at Chrysler Hall last dropped on “The Lion King” in January 2006, the show had set a local record by grossing $6.5 million. It sold more than 98 percent of its seats for a 45-performance run. The city reaped more than half a million dollars in admission taxes and parking revenues.

In the United States, Norfolk is one of three places where it will play next week. The other productions are on Broadway and in Las Vegas.

Chrysler Hall is undergoing a small renovation for the event. To stage the show’s opening, the entrance of an African menagerie, 97 seats were removed to create center aisles. Thirty-three additional seats were removed to house the massive sound and lighting equipment. The theater will return to its original state after Jan. 2.

Schumacher and his co-producer, Peter Schneider, have been involved with “The Lion King” for more than 20 years, since before it became the hit movie that turned into a stage phenomenon.

Lion King Musical show comes to Norfolk on Tuesday for the first time in five years. Lion King will take the stage Tuesday 30 November, 2010. Hope it will roar as loudly as it did five years ago. Get your Lion King Chrysler Hall Norfolk Tickets Online.


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