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The wondrous Broadway show, Lion King, Playing at Mandalay Bay Theatre in Las Vegas, NV till August 31, 2010. The critically-acclaimed show made its debut in Minneapolis in 1997 and moved to Broadway the same year where it is Broadway’s ninth longest-running show.

The musical is full of amazing spectacles including beautiful costumes, puppets, amazing actors and actresses and music by Elton John. Lion King is the story of Simba, the young lion prince whose father is the great King Mufasa. As Simba grows, he is introduced to “The Circle of Life” and the importance of keeping that balance. However, the curious Simba and friend goes to the forbidden elephant graveyard where they run into hyenas looking to eat the young cub. While Simba adventures, his uncle kills Mufasa and convinces the young Simba it was his fault and he should leave. Scar takes over as king. After many battles, Simba returns to his pride to take his rightful place as king. This emotionally driven story is one of Broadways best.

The show has taken home several Tonys including “Best Musical”, “Best Scenic Design”, “Best Costume Design”, “Best Choreography” and “Best Direction of a Musical”. It is also the recipient of several Drama Desk Awards, A Theatre World Award, and three Molière Award for “Le Roi Lion”. Don’t miss your chance to catch one of the hottest Broadway shows.

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