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PostHeaderIcon Lion King is spectacular at the Providence Performing Arts Center

Disney’s The Lion King is a spectacular musical now playing in Providence at the Providence Performing Arts Center.

As the play begins with the song “Circle of Life,” the actors parade down the aisles, vibrantly dressed as antelopes, birds, elephants, giraffes, and cheetahs. The story is fairly fast-paced and it’s not long before young Simba and Nala are introduced. The first act focuses on Simba as a cub and features many of the songs from the movie. However, it’s perfectly understandable and enjoyable even if you haven’t seen the movie.

The first act is done before you know it, and the second act begins like the first, with animals walking down the aisles. Now Simba is an adult and must face his evil uncle, Scar. If you’ve seen the movie, you know how it ends, and if not you can probably guess.

Overall, all of the staging and costumes were quite interesting and unique. The actors dressed as lions wear masks on top of their heads so that their faces are visible and you can see their expressions. However, a difference from the movie is that Rafiki is played by a woman instead a man. This was a little weird, but a relatively minor negative.

Be sure to get to the show on time as you will not be admitted until about ten minutes into the play if you’re late.

The Lion King is now playing at PPAC until February 20th, with tickets starting at $28. Everyone in the family will love it, so get your Lion King Providence, RI Tickets Online – Only one week left to see, enjoy Lion King at PPAC.


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