Lion King currently playing on tour in Durham, NC (till June 09) and moves to Columbus, OH (from June 12)

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The Lion King is the classic Disney story of a young cub who is destined to be king. Lion king is one of the most popular and famous shows on Broadway for good reason. It has been running on Broadway since 1998 and won six Tony awards the year it began. The costumes, dancing, acting, and singing are all one of a kind and unforgettable. Don’t miss this classic family friendly musical. Take a look at the current cast of Lion King – the people who bring the magic of the story to life right before your eyes.

Scar Derek Smith
Mufasa Nathaniel Stampley
Rafiki Tshidi Manye
Zazu Jeff Binder
Pumba Tom Alan Robbins
Timon Damian Baldet
Simba Dashaun Young
Nala Ta’Rea Campbell
Banzai James Brown-Orleans
Shenzi Bonita J. Hamilton
Ed, u/s Timon, Zazu Enrique Segura
Young Nala Khail Toi Bryant
Young Simba Alphonso Romero Jones II
Young Simba Joshua J. Jackson
Young Nala Shannon Skye Tavarez
Ensemble Sant’Gria Bello
Standby Zazu, Timon, Pumba John E. Brady
Ensemble, u/s Nala Camille M. Brown
Ensemble Michelle Brugal
Ensemble, u/s Mufasa Alvin Crawford
Ensemble, u/s Ed Gabriel Croom
Swing, Dance Capt, u/s Banzai Garland Days
Ensemble Charity de Loera
Ensemble Lindiwe Dlamini
Ensemble Christopher Freeman
Sarabi, Ensemble Jean Michelle Grier
Swing Kenny Ingram
Ensemble, u/s Nala Nicole Adell Johnson
Swing, u/s Simba, Ed Dennis Johnston
Swing, u/s Simba Joel Karie
Ensemble Ron Kunene
Ensemble Lisa Lewis
Ensemble, u/s Rafiki Sarabi Sheryl McCallum
Ensemble Ray Mercer
Ensemble Brenda Mhlongo
Swing, Dance Captain Willa Noel Montague
Ensemble S’bu Ngema
Ensemble, u/s Rafiki, Nala Selloane A. Nkhela
Ensemble Brandon C. O’neal
Swing Jacqueline Rene
Swing Kellen Stancil
Ensemble L. Steven Taylor
Ensemble Natalie Turner
Ensemble Phillip W. Turner
Standby Scar/Timon/Pumba/Zazu Thom Christopher Warren
Ensemble, u/s Nala, Rafiki, Shenzi Rema Webb
Swing Lisa Nicole Wilkerson
Ensemble, u/s Banzai Kenny Redell Williams
Ensemble Camille Workman

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